What is it for? The enthusiasm

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    What is it for? The enthusiasm in the heart is still a persistent, insistence is victory, this sentence is not wrong.Whenever I saw that I saw someone riding a bicycle, I was envious. That day, the sun was shining, my father bought a brand new bicycle and said that he would accompany me to school. I jumped excitedly. When I came to an open space, my father first demonstrated it. I learned how my father was sitting on the bicycle. My left foot and right foot were stepping on it. Because there was an empty space in front, I fell off the car. Like a tortoise with a four-legged tortoise, I cried and said that I didn’t learn. Dad came over and said to me with a heavy heart: “It��s just a fall and you shrink back. Then you definitely can��t learn to ride a bicycle. There is nothing difficult in the world. I am afraid of someone, come on, let’s continue.” Dad told me in detail about the cycling essentials Carton Of Newports. I climbed up from the ground, wiped away the tears, and swayed and ran up the car. In this way, I don��t know how many times I fell, how many times I cried, and learned to ride a bicycle. It��s really a ��Kungfu pays off��. Now, I can fly like a free bird on the road. Flying through my ears, the taste of success is really cool!t is because of my persistence that the god of victory is beckoning with me Newport Cigarettes Price.o say what kind of person I am, it is really difficult to describe it accurately.ometimes I am lazy. I remember one Sunday morning, I slept until 8:40, and I woke up in the bed or didn’t want to get up. My mother bought the food back, and opened my quilt and shouted: “Small lazy, how are you still lying? You are not saying that you have to wake up to wake up naturally? Now how do you wake up?” His sleepy eyes said, “Yeah, I said that I wake up to sleep naturally Newport Cigarettes Website, but I didn’t say that I slept naturally!” Mom listened straight and shook her head and named me “No. 1 lazy.”Sometimes I am very hardworking. For example, a few days before the exam, my time was very tight. When the alarm sounds in the morning, I will climb up as fast as I can, and take time to recite the children’s books. I still don’t want to sleep at 10 o’clock in the evening. I always want to review more. I even have time to learn at noon! Mom and Dad said: “If you are so diligent every day!” Hey, I can’t figure out whether this sentence is criticism or praiseometimes, I am brave, and it is simply a “woman” in the eyes of a small partner Cigarettes Cheaper. A few naughty boys in the class always like to bully girls, girls can’t bear it, they bite their teeth, and they want to expel them. So I organized an “anti-male team”,I rushed to the front and led the girls to attack the naughty ghosts. They were finally intimidated by the justice “anti-men’s team” and never dared to provoke girls. Both men and women gave me a thumbs up.But they can’t think of it, sometimes I am very courageous. The most feared is to sleep alone at home. At that time Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, I would put the quilt on my head, and I couldn’t breathe, and I could hear the heartbeat of “����”. I forced myself not to think about anything, but I couldn��t help but know what to do with the strange, ghostly robbers in my mind! You said, I am timid?This is me. If you have to describe yourself, you have to use four words: lazy and hardworking, brave and timid. Have you seen such a “contradictory” person?Comments: The biggest feature of this work is to use the contrast method to introduce characters, lazy – diligent, brave – timid, through different examples to prove, so that the two aspects of the contradiction are unified, thus writing their own change The personality has created a three-dimensional character image, allowing the reader to have a comprehensive understanding of the author.

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