Smile, give confidence and give c

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    Smile, give confidence and give courage. I like to laugh. When I was in class, I laughed at the classmates. After class, we played happily together, and I laughed again. Everyone laughs so beautiful, I like to see everyone’s laughteat day, I was at school, watching my dear classmates jumping around, I couldn��t help but remember the past eventt day, when I was taking the exam at school, my stomach didn’t know what was going on, and it was just that the stomach was very painful and my head was dizzy. It was very difficult. So I saw it at the same table and said, “Teacher, Xiaoyu doesn’t know what’s going on, his face is very pale!” Other students like I have seen it here. Now, who is willing to take Xiaoyu out, I will call first. Three female students raised their hands and turned out to be my best friend. Suddenly, I felt a warm current flowing all over the bodthe way to send me out, they kept asking me if my stomach hurts, and I don��t have to take a breabroke free from their hands and said, “Let’s go back to the exam soon! I will be careful!” But my classmate said, “Nothing, this exam, nothing! How many points can be tested, people are important. You don’t want I care about us!” I didn’t have the strength to say Marlboro Lights, “You are the top students in the class. How can you not go to the exam? It will give us a hindrance.” My classmate insisted that “No, once, if I am sick, Will you do this!” I said, “Of course, you are my best friend!” They said, “You will, we are good friends, aren’t we? We must be together, each other. her a while, Dad came and took me to see a doctor. I said to my father, “I will come to study in the afternoon!” Dad said to me How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, “You are sick. If you are better in the afternoon, you can come to study.” I said “Well.” After I said goodbye to my classmates Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, I went to see a doct afternoon, I came to school again. However, we have not written the test papers, and everyone is very sad. The teacher saw that we were very sad and said, “Today, if you send Xiaoyu home, you can continue to write. Xiaoyu can continue to write.” At this time, everyone said, “I knew, I will send it too.” We laughed togethong life, my father and mother gave me Guangdong Marlboro Cigarettes Price, but what is the friendship between the students? In my opinion, the affection between classmates is the same, so I must choyu, let’s go play! Why don’t you go play!” My best three friends came over and said to me. “No, I just did it here.” I smiled at them. “Then, let’s go play!” Suddenly Newport 100S, we were happy to circle, with a smile on our face, and we all joined together, just like a beautiful sunflower. We are heading towards the sun. Looking at the wireless light that it illuminates, it is so beautiful!

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