One day, Mike took a snail to

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    One day, Mike took a snail to travel, but the snail went too slowly. Mike was urging and reprimanding. The snail just shook his head with apologetic expression, saying that he could do nothing. Mike was angry and anxious. He pulled and kicked the snail again. The snail was injured and the crawling was slower Marlboro Gold Pack. Mike had to endure the temper, let the snail crawl slowly, and he followed at a speed close to rest. At this time, Mike smelled a burst of flowers, heard the birds called insects, and felt the comfort of the breeze. Later, Mike also saw the beautiful sunset Parliament Cigarettes, the brilliant sunset, and the starry sky. Mike all said with emotion: “I am not as good as a snail holding me with a snail!”fact, there are many beautiful things in life that we have not noticed: sunrise, sunset at dusk, charming flowers, blue sky, verdant green trees, a thousand miles of lawns… These scenes are very common and beautiful, but you have not noticed Nothing.the road of life, whether it is because of rushing to miss the beauty, or because of slowing down to appreciate the beauty, are the proofs of the young, the future of good memories, what imprinted imprinted on the life ring? Touching is the words of encouragement from the classmates when you encounter difficulties; what is moving? Touching is the helping hand that the friend extends when you wrestle; what is moving? Touching is the comforting words of the teacher when you are sad bells of the “Ring Bell” ringed, and the students quickly sorted out the bag, like a little bird, and flew out of the classroom. Today my mother is not at home, I have to carry a heavy school bag, go from school to the station, ready to take a ride to my grandmother’s house.waited for a quarter of an hour at the station Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and the bus appeared in my sight. I haven’t waited for the car to stop, I can’t wait to get up and find a seat by the window. I don’t know how long it took, I started tol classmates, wake up, have arrived at the terminal, wake up and wake up.” The ticket seller gently shakes me while whispering in my ear. One of me was shocked, what? Already at the terminal? I looked around and there were only five people left in the car (driver, ticket seller, aunt and me). No way, I had to get off the bus with the aunt.where are you going?” Auntie, who got off the bus with me, asked me kindly. want to go to my grandmother’s house, but I have been standing.” My tears swirled in my eyes Marlboro Gold., you are waiting here, I am going to the cart, wait a while, I will send you home Newport 100S.” After that, the aunt turned to the cart in the carport. After a while, Aunt pushed the bicycle out. She said to me, “Come up, I will send you home.” Just when I was hesitant, Auntie hugged me and got on her car. In this way, she was riding a cold wind, riding a car hard, because I was wearing less, so the winter shivered. Suddenly, Aunt stopped and took off her clothes. I wanted to put my clothes on me, but I didI’m very immune. Besides, you wear too little clothes, it’s easy to cause a cold.” After putting the cloates are home,” Aunt said to me. I saw that her mouth was frozen and purple, and she said, “Auntie, c Aunt��s clothes were still on me, and I rushed to her, but she disappeared at the end…

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