:mrgreen: he sunset is red, the clouds

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    :mrgreen: he sunset is red, the clouds are floating, and the past is like a smoke. Even though the sunset is not the sunset, it is filled with the same waemories jumped to the toddler’s afternoon, and the same light reflected. On a long road, a skinny girl walked under the care of her mother. I don’t know why, my mother walked away. The little girl walked happily Marlboro Cigarettes Online, step by step, a string of footprints. Accompanied by the horn of the car, a car rushed, the little girl panicked, but fortunately the car stopped in time, the little girl fell to the ground, tears flow down the cheek. An old grandmother came over with a double crutches Marlboro Gold Pack, struggling to bend down the little girl and the little girl stopped crying Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, staring at the old man’s wrinkled smile. The old grandmother took the little girl’s hand and looked for the mother’s figure on the street. The mother came for a while, and she came, with an anxious look, a big mouth gasping, and the grandmother’s face suddenly became serious. She said something to her mother. My mother leaned over and smiled. She waved her hand to see her old grandmother. The figure of her grandmother gradually disappeared and finally turned into a black spot sloshing story of the grandmother and me. The little girl who is not sensible is me. For many years, I have not seen the old man with white hair, kindness and jealousy, and the words of thank you have been buried in my heart. When I think about it carefully, the old man��s words have never been able to remember, but nothing more than simply confessing the reasons for the matter, criticizing the mother for a few words, and I really want to know that the short sentences are full of love, even if the elderly are not seen. I can also leave a good memory in my heart, and I have asked my mother many times, but I can’t remember it, and that vague memory is just a rough memory. After a flash, I will always lame today, I am goe old man with white hair and crutches, sitting in the ground for a long time did not stand up, I quickly walked forward, and quickly picked up Carton Of Marlboro Reds, I do not know what the reason Online Cigarettes, I only feel that there is an inexplicable intimacy, the old man smiles Look at me, and that smirk is still so kind. Perhaps this old man is not a childhoodt sunsets, the same white hair; different old people, the same smile. The warmth of the s

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