MapleStory Nebulites and Bonus Changes

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    There are always some bad and good changes in the MapleStory, like Nebulites and Bonus Potential systems, we believe that Nexon want to deliver us a better MapleStory by Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos, but occasionally what they did is contrary to what they wish.

    But with the debut of Hard Damien Hard Lotus, and Hard Lucid Flames of Rebirth is becoming more and more realistic on account of the fact there is a lack of accessibility of systems such as Bonus and Nebulites Possible. If you haven’t caught on by both of those systems has a pay-to-win wall which blocks the player.

    Flames of Rebirth is and much more available than Bonus Potential, Nebulites and Flames. Actually, Flames of Rebirth was present but most of it’s been disabled. You will find loads of equipment in Luna which demonstrates further that GMS technically could have Flames if Nexon America decided to.

    Assume an participant does have Bonus Possible and their Nebulites. Just how many of those can group up together and combat the top 3 bosses? I’d say it’s a minimal chance, it unrealistic for the average participant. Participants have already suggested revamps to systems such as having access but that hasn’t occurred despite the fact threads were made within the past couple of decades.

    I also doubt that GMS implement the suggestions, or will lower their present end-game bosses’ HP. Evidence is within the Kanna nerf. They would rather than solving the matter altogether as a area from another region. As there aren’t any changes to Hard Lotus, Hard Damien, and Hard Lucid from some other servers apart from KMS which makes it easier we have until KMS changes it. What’s more unfortunate is that their Bonus Potential is more accessible due to having a more stable economy compared to GMS.

    As we are receiving KMS content it is starting to make less and less sense to block Flames of Rebirth because it is sure there’ll be bosses beyond the levels of Hard Lotus, Hard Damien, and Hard Lucid. Some form of change needs to be made for sure in the degree that is end-game.

    In all honesty, I’m not angry with these changes in MapleStory, you know, I do not care about this, I simply play the game with my buddies for Official Site, and perhaps I will abandon MapleStory if it wouldn’t fun later on. And when all of my friends leave this match, I’d leave also.

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