Autumn girl came with a magical brush! Look, she is

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    Autumn girl came with a magical brush! Look, she is waving a brush, I don’t know why the painting is painted with a finishing touch. Let’s go and have a look!Hey, the autumn girl came to the orchard. In the orchard, a small orange is hidden among the trees and is laughing at us! Yes, they are wrapped in a green coat Marlboro Lights, as if they are integrated with the green sea behind them. If you don’t pay attention, you can’t see it. “Well, I will paint you in gold!” The autumn girl said as she adjusted the color. After a while, the color is adjusted. The autumn girl used a brush with a color to take off the green coat of the little oranges and put on the orange coat. The oranges are clamoring to change back, and the autumn girl just smiles. Sure enough, the oranges slowly stopped calling and began to appreciate. We saw the look of the fruit farmers.The autumn girl sneaked away. Where did she go? Oh, in the green field! When the autumn girl crossed the field, she heard the snoring of rice and sorghum: “Hey, the waist can’t bend down, so tired!” Yes, they haven’t had a rest yet. So, the autumn girl used her magical brush again. Only heard a few bangs, rice, sorghum went to the green coat, put on red, yellow clothes, and their waists naturally bent down. Look, the bronze faces of the peasants are rushing in the rice fields.he autumn girl came to the maple forest again Marlboro Gold. She is already very tired, but she still insists on adjusting the gold. At this time, a gust of wind blew, naughty knocked over the paint tray. The autumn girl just wanted to attack, but she saw that the paint was drenched on the tree and the tree was stained with gold. Ou, do you see the surprise of the tourists?hen the autumn girl put these pictures together, it became a fascinating Today, my mother and I followed the tour group to the long-awaited tour of Bali Bali, China. The bus took us to the foot of the mountain. We had to change the local special tourist bus, go up the mountain. The mountain road twists and turns, and the side is the wall. The cliffs, the abyss that can’t see the bottom, the car will be a little careless, it will fall into the abyss. Along the way, I hold my mother’s hand tightly and mention the heart to the mouth. Fortunately, driving uncle driving technology Ok, send us safely to the Baligou Scenic Area.When we got out of the car, we saw the mountains in the distance and the heavy mountains. The miracle is that there are only a few bare rocks on the mountain Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Others are barely tall and straight, green and green, like a green cloak. To make the mountain have a unique style. As we followed the sound of the stream, we walked into the gate of Baligou. The glimpse of it was a winding path leading to a quiet valley. The water in the river was clear and clear, and the water was clear. Xiaoshi Road, I saw the small fish in the water, and the tail still took a few splashes from time to time, so cute Online Cigarettes. I also faintly heard the sound of the water, I was curious, trotting all the way, the water is getting louder and louder, I saw a big pool, looking forward to a 2 The waterfall of Mi introduced the eyes and listened to the tour guide. I realized that this is the famous Peach Blossom Bay. The waterfall falls straight down and has the softness of flowers. The air here is fresh and sweet, and there are green hills and green water. The scenery is very pleasant. A feeling of being relaxed and happy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping.

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