Spot the difference. See How Buhari is making Nigerians Poorer

See how Buhari has made Nigerians 100% Poorer in 1 Year compared to Jonathan

By Matthew Ottah:


 APC and its supporters voted for a hellish and fiendish "Change" and nobody would begrudge them that. It's their alienable right to exercise their right to vote. What PDPZONE supporters object to is the right of APC to plunge Nigeria into further pain, suffering and poverty.We have no problem if APC supporters want their lives to be miserable, unhappy, sad, sorrowful, dejected, depressed, downcast, downhearted, down, despondent, disconsolate, wretched, glum, gloomy, dismal, melancholy, woebegone, doleful, forlorn, heartbroken, grumpy, sullen, gloomy, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, ill-natured, dour, surly, sour, glum, moody, unsociable, saturnine, lugubrious, irritable, churlish, cantankerous, crotchety, cross, crabby, cranky, grouchy, testy, peevish, crusty or waspish under APC and Buhari but with the way they are going Nigeria is going to experience its worst recession in history and we PDPZONE supporters are going to be dragged into their mess.

When president Goodluck handed over power peacefully to Buhari, he was transferring Africa's largest Economy to him and we all hoped he would build on that but alas as predicted by the PDP, we knew Buhari wasn't capable of of building on Jonathan's gains. Prices of everything today has quadrupled and we are all paying the price for voting a man who prefers to give excuses for his incompetence rather than to admit he has been an economic disaster so far. Check out the prices of some items Jonathan left behind and compare it with what Buhari has turned it into within a 1year of economic misrule:

COKE : Under Goodluck N70 naira , Under Buhari 100 naira

STANDING FAN: Under Goodluck N3, 500 naira , and Under Buhari is 6, 500 naira

TUBER OF YAM: Under Goodluck N250 naira , and Under Buhari 550 naira

BOTTLE OF RED OIL: Under Goodluck N120 naira , and Under Buhari 250 naira

BOTTLE OF GROUNDNUT OIL: Under Goodluck N200 naira , and Under Buhari 350 naira

TIN TOMATO:  Under Goodluck N25 naira , and Under Buhari 55 naira

RAZOR BLADE: Under Goodluck N10 naira , and Under Buhari 20 naira

DOLLAR: Under Goodluck N240 naira , and Under Buhari 370naira

BREAD: Under Goodluck N200 naira , and Under Buhari 300 naira

INDOMIE: Under Goodluck N50 naira , and Under Buhari 70 naira

FUEL: Under Goodluck N86 naira , and Under Buhari 145 naira

TOMATOES: Under Goodluck N100naira , and Under Buhari 500 naira

LAPTOP SCREEN: Under Goodluck N7, 000 naira , and Under Buhari 15, 000naira

BAG OF BEANS: Under Goodluck N15, 000 naira , and Under Buhari 28, 500 naira

PLANK: Under Goodluck N7, 000 naira , and Under Buhari 15, 500 naira

FRIDGE: Under Goodluck N55, 000 naira , and Under Buhari 85, 000 naira

PHOTOCOPIER: Under Goodluck N50, 000 naira , and Under Buhari 80, 000 naira

BAG OF PURE WATER: Under Goodluck N65 naira and Under Buhari N150 naira

BIRO: Under Goodluck N20 naira Under Buhari N30 naira

GARRI:  Under Goodluck 400 naira , and Under Buhari  N900 naira

SPAGGETTI:  Under Goodluck: N105 Under Buhari: N240

BAG OF RICE: Under Goodluck N7, 000 naira , and Under Buhari 18, 500 naira

All these price increments and many more all under 1 year of Buhari's Economic Misrule and Government of Blames. How would the millions of Nigerians living under $1 a day survive or those that have not been paid the basic N18,000 salary for months? The worst part is that APC and Buhari does not care how we survive. How does Buhari now expect Nigerians not to engage in corruption to eat and provide the basic amenities for their family? PDPZONE is unimpressed with APC and Buhari's Diabolical change so far and urges them to change their insensitive ways before bodies begin to litter the street because people are dying of hunger.

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