Jonathan Returns back to Nigeria and shames his critics

Jonathan returns back from so called Exile and shames his critics

Thisday Newspaper on May 23rd 2016 first reported it but Sahara Reporters blew it out of proportion. It was a screaming headline that made all Jonathan Goodluck haters wet their pants with Joy and it read “Why Goodluck Jonathan Went On "Exile" In Ivory Coast”. My God the haters were ecstatic! It was a dream comes true. Finally their number one enemy whom they brandished as a clueless looter who stole Nigeria’s money was finally going to be arrested by Buhari and as soon as Jonathan got wind of it, he ran away to Ivory coast to live the remainder of his life on exile.

The news gained so much steam on main stream media and it wasn’t long before social media chewed in to the debate. APC members were not left out and they began to beat their chest that Buhari was finally going to put Jonathan in chains. The propaganda unleashed by APC social media change agents about the impending arrest of Jonathan spread all over the nooks and crank of Nigeria and all that was remaining was for EFCC to personally put Jonathan in a crate from Abidjan and drag his ass back to Abuja. It was just a matter of when not why anymore.

Then the worst happened. Jonathan returned back to Nigeria on the 1st of June with so much fanfare and well wishers waiting for him at the airport. He was ushered back into the country like the democratic hero he is. No EFCC, ICPC, DSS or IGP was there to arrest him. Rather he was given a rock star welcome and even a trend on twitter started "#GEJWhileyouwereaway" to give him a feed back about all the nonsense that had been going on in Nigeria under a Buhari led oafish government while he was on his so-called exile and how dangerously close we are to the worst recession ever experienced by mankind.

Jonathan Returns back to Nigeria and shames his critics

Jonathan being Mobbed by Well wishers on his return from his so called Exile

APC propagandists were shocked and livid. This wasn’t on the cards. This wasn’t going according to script. Where were the pictures they were promised of Jonathan in Chains? Where was the press conference to be given by Lai Mohammed detailing how Jonathan stole $20Billion? Where were the pictures of Buhari personally dragging Jonathan out of the Black maria in handcuffs and leading him into Kirikiri Prison? They had been fed another dreadful, horrendous, horrible, awful, terrible, atrocious, heinous; horrifying, harrowing, gruesome lie to tarnish the good name of Goodluck Jonathan and they have been left with eggs on their faces once more.

These APC trolls live on rumours, propaganda and scuttlebutts 24/7 and dish out these lies on an unsuspecting audience to blemish Jonathan or anyone in PDP. At first it was novel now the whole world realizes how foolish and idiotic their lies are becoming. They only churn out these stupid and biased stories to mask APC’s and Buhari’s ineffective, ineffectual, unproductive, incompetent, inept, incapable, unfit, unskillful, inexpert, amateurish, unprofessional; disorganized, unprepared way they have been managing the economy and unfortunately for them nobody is buying their nonsense anymore. Pdpzone would continue to point out all APC’s lies and propaganda’s and set the record straight. Shame on you APC trolls and welcome back Goodluck. You have been sorely missed.

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