Buhari wasting N100 Million on Forks and Knives in 2017 Budget


The 2017 budget, christened budget of growth and recovery, presented to the National Assembly by President Buhari on December 14, shows that the State House budget for the fiscal year would be N42 billion, with expenditure on food, cooking gas and kitchen utensils expected to gulp well over N850 million.

Specifically, N100, 820,300 would be spent for the purchase of kitchen utensils such as forks and knives for use in Aso Rock.

The budget document indicated three expenditure items that relate to food and feeding, namely, food stuff and catering materials, purchase of canteen and kitchen equipment and cooking gas.

The breakdown of the budget for Aso Rock come 2017 shows that expenditure on kitchen utensils will be N431 million, food stuff and catering materials will swallow N360 million while cooking gas is expected to take N63 million; making a total of N850 million.

For president’s office, N114,967,140.00 has been voted for food stuff, kitchen utensils or equipment to take N100,820,300 while cooking gas will consume N21,600,000 million.

The budget breakdown further shows that the Office of the Vice President will spend N53, 494,992 million on food stuff, N12,470,000 on kitchen utensils while N246,000 million would be spent on cooking gas.

The expected food related expenditure for office of the Chief of Staff is N16,282,000 while Lagos Liaison Office of the Presidency will devote N140,418,300 on food and food related items in the 2017 fiscal year.

The maintenance of infrastructure and technical facilities in the Defence House and other Safe Houses would gulp N367.980 million, while the rehabilitation and infrastructure of security quarters in the Villa would take N284.587 million.

Culled from the Sun Newspapers

This totally negates Buhari's Promise to cut down on waste when he was campaigning. The question everyone is asking is " What happened to the forks and knives used last year" Did they throw it away or did somebody steal it? The amount voted for just cutleries can pay the salaries of 1000 people yearly without complains. People cannot afford Kerosine to eat but Aso rock is voting N63Million for Cooking Gas. Are they going to be cooking Elephants and Giraffes for 1 year? How can somebody defend this? If we ask them for reasons why it was done they would say corruption is fighting back. Is this not corruption in itself?



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