A Birthday tribute to Former President Goodluck Jonathan!

By Oche Joseph Otorkpa:

Birthday tribute to Former President Goodluck Jonathan!

Your Excellency,

There are few leaders in Africa  willing to sacrifice their ambition for the  good of their country men you are one of them

Those who accused you of cluelessnesss  are today taking selfies at the Auto plants and with made Made in Nigeria vehicles a dividend of your auto policy.

Those who said your administration lack direction when it established 11 brand new universities 9 of them In Northern Nigeria  are currently clueless as to how to implement a simple  school feeling program for primary school children.

Those who insulted you and insisted that the Petroleum subsidy program was a scam just approved a 0.5 Trillion naira subsidy scam  payment

The professor who claimed your successor will definitely bring fuel  pump to = 40 have suddenly gone deaf and dumb while fuel prize is currently cruising around 600 naira in some cities

Those who claimed the presidential Air fleet was too large and a complete waste of resources have spent over 5 billion naira in just 6 months fuelling the fleet and junketing from one continent to another without any thing to show for it

Those who claimed you were heading to Chad to plan more attacks on us were the first to visit Chad after you left.

Your agricultural policies which yielded a lot of dividend is the next achievement your adversaries are planning to appropriate to themselves

When the Treasury Single Account was been hailed as a super invention they concealed your name and in scripted theirs, immediately it had little issues they dumped it on you, tomorrow they will claim IPPIS

They said you lacked the political will to fight insurgency yet most  if all the LGA'S you reclaimed and handed over to them have been lost with unimaginable loss of lives

They said you were not a soldier and therefore lack the military capacity to lead the fight. Sir those who promised to lead the fight from the front have been dishing out orders from the safety of the bedroom of their wives

You left us with one of the fastest growing economy according to CNN, however those who said Nigeria was mismanaged under you have superintendent over the highest job losses and economic depreciation in the History of our great Nation.

You said your ambition was not worth the blood of a single Nigerian you proved it by your actions.

As you celebrate another year today , we are very grateful to the king of heaven for giving us a leader like you.

The first female Cadets of the NDA  are grateful

The First set of students from the 11 new federal universities who are now in 400 level are grateful

The first Sets of students from the University of Petroleum are grateful

The First sets of Nigerian Pilots trained abroad are Grateful

The Recipients of the Presidential scholarship scheme for first class students which was recently suspended by our change agents are grateful

The recipients of the Youwin programme and the Youwin for women are grateful

The beneficiaries of the innovation in fertilizer distribution will never forget you

The 1000 Beneficiaries of the TETFUND scholarships for Lecturers in Nigerian Universities are grateful

The generations that will access information via the freedom of information act (FOI) will see your signature

The Millions of Almajiri pupils across Nigeria who benefited from you milk of kindness will live to testify

Those who ply the Abuja - Lokoja Benin road will remain thankful

NYSC Members who will benefit and those who have benefited from the increased of allowances from =N= 8216 to =N= 19800 are grateful

The commuters on our railways know clueless when they see one

May heaven and History be kind to you today and Always

Happy Birthday Your Excellency and from all of us at !!!!!!!

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